4kg. That's how much weight I put on in 1.5 months between eating like I'm carb-loading for a marathon everyday when I break fast during Ramadan, inhaling queso and froyo in LA and all the rendang and sambal goreng pengantin I devoured over the course of Eid. It wasn't pretty. 

Over the years, I've learnt that my body is capable of putting on weight really fast, and 4kg over the course of six weeks isn't that bad. It could be worse. 

Thankfully, two weeks of as-clean-as-I-could-eating, three times a week HIIT-ing at Ritual, some swimming (what?! who am I?!) and some Bikram thrown in there has made me shed the weight. 

I knew that it wouldn't be hard for me to shed that 4kg I put on, because the carb-loading, stuffing-my-face thing isn't the way I live. I couldn't help it when I was on vacation, and when Eid was here, but I'm back on track. 

It's getting increasingly hard, especially since I'm PMSing and all I want to do is sit in front of my computer with a bottle of Nutella and smother myself in it, like her: 



Some tips: 

  • Sugar is evil. Cut out sugary drinks, snacks, what-have-yous. This also includes fruit. Absolutely no fruit - or worse, fruit juice. Do you know that while consuming fresh, whole fruit decreases the risk of diabetes, but drinking fruit juice does? Don't be stupid, put down those empty calories.
  • Don't starve yourself - it never works for me. If I skip lunch, I'd be famished at dinner and I'd want carbs and sugar.
  • My meals daily are two eggs any style with a kale salad and green tea at breakfast, a small chicken salad at lunch, some nuts at 4pm when I'm starting to get sleepy and hungry and after my workout, I have dinner, which usually varies.
  • Get someone who will keep you on track. My Managing Editor, who sits right behind me, is a great diet/fitness companion. I love how we egg each other on, berate each other when we need to, etc. It's quite amusing. 

Now that I'm back at my usual weight, I'm aiming to lose 8kg before 5 Dec. Watch this space!