Between Ramadan and my travelling, I haven't been to Ritual in a month. I went back on Tuesday, and I thought the workouts weren't that killer, but today, they were back to they ass-kicking, body-bashing selves and I was completely battered. It was embarrassing, the rate I was going, considering the fact that I knew what I was actually capable of. 

It's not like I was binging on In-N-Out the whole time I was in LA. Because J loves running, I actually willed myself out for runs and a few yoga classes, but HIIT is in a whole different league of its own.

The good thing is - I've admitted I've slacked off. The even better thing is I've got a whole lot of determination stuffed somewhere in my back pocket. I'm getting back in the game, tougher than ever and harder than before. Together with working out, the geniuses at Ritual have devised a Grub Guide, which they have distributed amongst the members and from Sunday onwards I plan to follow it right down to the tiniest full stop at the end of each sentence.

Watch this space for weekly fitness updates. In the meantime though, you can get motivated on Ritual's blog