I am experiencing a makeup withdrawal. Specifically, an eye makeup withdrawal. I think the last time I went without mascara or eyeliner this long was when John and I were on a beach holiday somewhere.

It’s Day 9, most of the skin on my eye areas have peeled off, save for some flecks here and there. My skin is still pinkish and recovering. It gets itchy occasionally – the same kind of itch you get when you cut yourself and the scab while the cut is getting better itches. I’m not touching my eyes at all, but fuck knows what my hands get up to when I’m asleep.

I have my subconscious self to blame for a lot of my eczema scars on the inside of my elbows and my neck because I scratch when I’m asleep.

The doctor said my skin is healing like it should, so that's a good thing, obviously. I complained that it's really dry, so she advised a hydrating mask on my eyes. 

What's funny is my colleague commented that she couldn't tell the difference - only because I use concealer or foundation on a daily basis around my eye area, so while other people can't tell, John can. And obviously, so can I. I catch my reflection sometimes and it's a little odd, but good odd, of course!

I'll be back for a final post. Stay tuned.