If you've seen me in this tshirt two days in a row, I assure you I am not wearing yesterday's tshirt. I have four pieces of this very tshirt, each worse for wear than the next. I can tell them apart though, because the oldest has been worn so often that it has a hole in the boob area - not that that has deterred me from throwing it on at least once a week to work.  

What is it about this tshirt that an entire ode is dedicated solely to it? It is the perfect shade of grey, made of the softest cotton-polyester blend with the right thickness-thinness and ends right at the hip. The boyfriend fit is comfortable and it doesn't shrink or expand in the wash. 

The tshirt is $6.  

Unfortunately, the company that has been making these wonderful tshirts has refused to sign the Bangladeshi Safety Act recently, so I am in a bit of a turmoil. On one hand, I am only one person, but on the other hand, if everybody thinks this way, we'd all be fucked. Companies who have sign the Bangladeshi Safety Act can still carry out unethical labour practices in other parts of the world, still and still be able to sleep at night.

As for me, my hunt begins for the next best soft grey tshirt. I'm hoping I'll find one before the tiny hole in my tshirt becomes one that is far too indecent to carry on wearing.