Life's Good When You Love Your Job

It's hard to reply when someone asks what I do for a living. I'm technically not in fashion, as I work with fashion; I'm not exactly a freelancer because I'm the editor of Singapore Brides and I'm not just a writer because I'm a stylist as well. It's difficult to say what I do for a living without having to go on about it for a while.

What I can say without skipping a beat is that I freakin' love my job. Thousands of people wake up everyday dreading to go to work, and even though I admittedly do dread waking up [only because I hate mornings, and call times are usually two hours after I go to bed at 6am], nothing beats working with a wicked team I love to pieces. You can check out some of my portfolio here.

Last week, my favourite producer from Ugly Duckling Projects [who always has awesome food on set!] booked me for a shoot for Meritus Mandarin Hotels. It was a fairly simple gig; the photos were going to be used all over Asia and they needed me on set to steam, stuff [usually the models' chest areas] and clip the uniforms to fit them to a tee. Here's a short video I managed to put together featuring Scott A Woodward, our awesome photographer, and Andrea Claire, my partner-in-crime but more commonly known as a celebrity hair & makeup artist:

This is part of my weekly blog for LG! Remember to vote for me here - you can do it every freakin' day! And if I win [which I highly doubt, lah, but one can hope], I'll donate everything to charity, following Janice's awesome example.

Shooting for Simply Her

While I'm the editor of Singapore Brides, I'm also gallivanting in various areas of the media, and one of which is my styling for Simply Her for the past two months. While Simply Her may not be the favourite local print media amongst the fashion crowd, I was surprised to find out how wide the readership is - and the thing about Simply Her is that we tend to shoot "real people". Shooting "real people" [as opposed to models] is quite the challenge. Sometimes you have people that run to the camera after every shot to "make sure they don't look fat", other times you just have fuss pots who insist that they'd be shot a certain way and no other way. Seriously. Sometimes I don't think I get paid enough to deal with shit like that.

This month though, I was thrilled to receive a new column and when my editor [coincidentally, she was also my lecturer in school!] briefed me about it, I knew whom exactly I needed to shoot:

For now, I have to prep for another shoot tomorrow. And study for my impending Spanish exam. Oh, brother.

How to Blow Like a Pro!

Some friends buy shoes together, others sit down and dish about boys. Andrea - my sista from another mista - and I, spill secrets on how to blow like a pro.

Here's the thing - you waltz into a salon, get a spiffy cut and look fabulous but you can never get that exact same blow-out. Hair and makeup genius Andrea Claire teaches the Beauty Idiot [i.e.: Me] how to blow dry my own hair! And trust me - it's not as easy as it sounds. Like anything new, it's hard to wrap your lips around it, but once you get the hang of it, it'll come easy. ;o)

And the best part - we're making our video blogs a regular thing, so get excited. We'll spill more secrets, go behind-the-scenes and put ourselves into ridiculous situations only Faz & Andrea are quite capable of. Tell us what you think and what else you want us to suss out!