Polly Pocket

More than Barbies, I remember being most fond of Polly Pockets when I was a child. For some reason, the fact that an entire world could exist in the palm of my hand - little people, little horses, and the tiniest dogs and cats - and best of all, they fit into my pocket [Well, not really, maybe my Dad's pocket]!

I was going through my usual fashion blog links when I chanced upon Fashion is Poison's post on Polly Pocket, and I thought it might be something you'd like to reminisce about. I had four different Polly Pockets, if I remember it correctly - the first was a restaurant scene, and then there was a pencil case I used to take to school and be amused by it for hours. I think when I was six, I'd take it to school when we have exams, so when I'm done with my paper, I'd be playing with it [much to the envy of my classmates, I'd like to imagine] until time came to collect our scripts. It's a pity I didn't keep it.

Here's the two I've kept:

What were [or are!] your favourite toys as a kid?