I'll Take Manhattan

No other city in the world exudes as much sex appeal as New York City. Granted, Shanghai has cheap whorish sex oozing out of its pores and Amsterdam has its fair share of too-high-to-realise-what-I'm-getting-myself-into escapades, but when you have a city where thousands [no, I'm not exaggerating] of beautiful people walk the streets, it comes as no surprise when a series called Sex & The City has New York City as the backdrop and highlight of the show itself.

As you already know from my recent posts, I took on New York with much gusto, as I always have, and this time, I've had the delight of battling the brutal New York winter. I've also had the much-needed reality check of staying in a completely ghetto part of town in Bed-Stuy [Jay Z made a mention of the area in Empire State of Mind - which line was it? :o)] and this time, instead of going apeshit on all things touristy, I managed to meet quite a few people, fix up some interviews, amongst others.

Thanks to the good people at Screen Tours, I also had the delight of going on the Sex & The City tour - which is the very point of my post.

For a mere $44 a pop, you get to hop on a bus with a chirpy tour guide [mine was this pretty redhead called Staci who honestly looks like she belonged on the actual Sex & The City set instead of a tour bus] and you're taken to the very spots where Carrie and the girls took on Manhattan.

From the sex store where Charlotte bought her rabbit, to the perfume counter where Carrie declared to the girls that she was taking on a lover and even to the restaurant when Samantha threw her drink in someone's face and went, "Dirty martini, dirty bastard." Retrace the footsteps of your favourite New Yorkers and fall in love with them over and over again through short snippets of the series and the first movie played in the bus, as well as anecdotes and facts you never knew about Sex & The City.

The best part about this tour, on top of getting to know the most incredible city in the world through your favourite TV series, is that you will be introduced to the best shopping spots in the city within mere hours - which helps a lot when you're unfamiliar with Manhattan, and if you're just in town for a mere couple of days. From West Village to Bleeker, and then to the Meatpacking District, it's the perfect all-in-one tour of New York City which ends with a Cosmo in Scout, Aidan and Steve's bar near the SoHo shopping district.

After savouring a complimentary cupcake and taking in more of New York City, the tour bus brings you right in front of Bryant Park - and coincidentally, I took the tour on the last day of New York Fashion week. I switched to my heels, hopped off the bus and breathed in [the fumes of] New York City. Fashion week after parties beckon, and I ain't wasting no time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm taking on a lovah, and her name is New York freakin' City.

* The Sex & The City tour goes on daily at 11am and 3pm, and it is approximately 3.5 hours long. Buy your tickets online here. * Screen Tours has also recently added a Gossip Girl tour and you get to see the lavish Fith Avenue building Blair Waldorf calls home, check out the hotel that is the home of the Bass & Van der Woodsen families and even sample a treat from Dan Humphrey's favourite bakery.