Go Loco Over Local: Chalk

Five years ago, in the midst of being interviewed, my now-former, then soon-to-be editor, Phin Wong, asked me if I bought any local magazines. I told him honestly that I didn't, and he pointed out that if I, someone who wanted to be in the publishing industry didn't even bother to buy magazines, than who would? Since then, I have diligently bought local magazines. Granted, a magazine wouldn't even cover its overheads if it sells out an issue, but it still helps. You know someone is buying what you've shed sweat and tears for.

Which brings me to my point - people often complain about the lack of local talent, designers, etc, but it's impossible to produce if customers don't buy! Which brings me to the very point of this post - a smashing new-ish local label, Chalk.

This fashion venture is brainchild of the very sweet Priscilla, who started her career in fashion design as a child when she made frocks her Barbies. She's now moved on to bigger, more life-sized Barbies, with her capsule collection for Chalk, Miss Dottie Bow.

What I really like about Chalk, is how classic and wearable it is. I guess as you grow older, while you want to still be fashion forward, you need classic staples in your wardrobe, and Chalk's pieces are just right. The pieces can be worn funky, or for a little pizazz amidst your office staples.

It's effortless girlish charm and a tinge of pin-up glamour, with a certain je ne sais quoi that makes you wanna look twice. I like! And here's my favourite out of her collection:

For more information, stockists and to shop online, check out Chalk!