2009: A Photo A Month

As the year quickly draws to a close, I go through my hundreds and hundreds of photos and find my favourite for every month: Jan 2009: This photo was taken after brunch, 1 Jan 2009 in Sydney. We had an awesome completely lazy splurge-out brunch. We had high hopes for the new year, of course!

Feb 2009: I was hanging with Maria and Miriam, and this was one of Maria's many antics on a Sunday afternoon. Unsatisfied with the flea market, we went to Dempsey for brunch. Funny how brunch always tastes good, no?

March 2009: Watching a bull fight in Valencia.

Apr 2009: Attending a Swarovski event with Andrea. Even though she's moved away, Andrea is still one of my most esteemed and closest friends and I can't wait to haul my ass to Texas for a visit! And the bitch never takes a bad photo!! ;o)

May 2009: Trip to Burma - what a dramatic trip! But having done Myanmar means I've covered all of Southeast Asia. Pretty cool, no? I think so!

June 2009: Best birthday gift I've ever bought myself = Ticket to NYC. I left on the morning of 23 June, and after 24 hours of travel, the immigration officer at JFK wished me a happy birthday. For the first time in my life, I didn't want it to be my birthday anymore! This photo was taken on the way to Meatpacking District.

July 2009: New York deserves a two-photo feature, especially because I had an amazing time on 4th of July. We watched the fireworks from the amazing 601 Building in Chelsea! I love!

Aug 2009: Zoie Jean, my favourite ang moh baby, grows hair and teeth and frolicks in her little pool.

Sept 2009: I'm convinced Madrid jinxed it all. I should've stayed home and celebrated Syawal with the family, but I didn't, and my string of rotten luck started when I went to Spain in September. I did have fun with the girls [albeit with a sprained foot!] as seen here in this photo Miriam snapped of Maria and me going looking for a spot for lunch in Retiro Park. After looking for crutches for me in the city unsuccessfully!

Oct 2009: Our quickie jaunt to Krabi & Koh Phi Phi, was fleeting, but so relaxing and so much fun!

Nov 2009: A month of realisation, and reflection. Casting all the negative aside, including people, relationships, friendships, and bringing back the good. Hopefully bringing Lady Luck back into my life, and praying for love, and for the people around me. Kate and me, at Butter Factory, after her final exam as an undergrad!