One Year Ago Today

I was pouring through my personal travel journal this evening and I realised that this time last year, I just left Berlin, and arrived in Amsterdam. It was an excruciatingly long bus journey, from Amsterdam to Berlin, and having to leave amazing people I've met behind wasn't a blast either. I remember lugging my heavy-as-hell pink suitcase [I was staying right in front of a massive H&M store in Berlin! I am only human!] into the subway, out of it, and then I got lost trying to get to my friend's place, and that's where I first stepped foot into one of Amsterdam's infamous coffee shops. :o)

I think Berlin will always remain my favourite city in Europe simply because of the incredible people I've met there and the unbelievably amazing time I had there. I reread my journal entries, and shake my head at the unreal situations I found myself in and the wicked fun I got up to.

I can't get enough of travelling, and globe-trotting alone is wanderlusting at its best, I reckon! Can't wait for my next trip... ;o)