Why is it that when you decide you should cut your hair, it decides to behave. I was pretty sure I had my mind made up last night. I got out of the shower this morning, blew dry my hair and it behaved all pretty and obedient all day today. I even had a good face day [i.e.: no fat face photos], and it was very much welcomed, since it's my friend, Trina's wedding.

It was a small ceremony, but while I can do a lot of things alone, there's something I can't and won't ever do - attend a wedding alone. Our mutual friends who were invited were sick and out of town respectively, so I was left sitting awkwardly and alone, making small talk to Trina's family and friends. Want to feel like the loneliest person in the world? Attend a wedding where you know nobody.

Nevertheless, there's nothing quite like watching a life-long union about to be made. I'm so thrilled and happy for Trina, and I wish her a lifetime of bliss.