GUYS. Where has 2012 gone?! We're crossing over to the month of August in the matter of winks and shimmys. The eighth month of the year. Eighth! If you haven't got your resolutions pat down, read what I whipped up around this time last year and see if something hits home.

If you can't be bothered with what I have rambled on about a year ago, or you've got your life sorted out, here's Love List #59!

* Is there anything more satisfying than hitting your desk at work promptly at 9.30am, and looking up to realise that it's already 6? Time has whirred by like batshit crazy and you've finished a mountain of work. Monday blues? What blues!

* While we're on the subject of time, I need the month of August to go by really, really fast and pause when 25 August comes around cos' that's when I'm jetting off to see my beau in the City of Angels. I can't wait to hit the beach [in my new Agent Provocateur bathers, no less!], go on long walks, and veg out in front of the telly cuddling. And inhale some kickass fish tacos as well, of course. If you've got places I absolutely have to go in LA, holla atcha girl!

* The Honest Toddler is the funniest blog I've come across for a while. Sometimes, it becomes downright nasty, but most of the posts crack me up. Circulate the link around the office for hours of procrastination and uncontrollable humour.

* These sexyass pancakesThey look absolutely delish, but I'm actually not the biggest fan of sweet food. Neither am I a fan of food that mixes dessert with savoury - like chicken stuffed crepes. No. Nutella is meant to be in that crepe, and nothing else. Don't try to alter perfection.

* Other worthy mentions  Downward dogging | Xiao in town! | Magic Mike rolling out in the local theatres around the corner | Squats = Awesome legs | LuluLemon anything | Seeing my boyfriend in 25 days (!!!) | Pinkberry, come to momma! | New IceCreamCandy sandals | My cousin Mush & fam coming to SG in a couple of days! | Also new - my ceramic maracon trinket thinggies |

Is it wrong to start packing my bags now?

What's on your Love List lately?