In between editing and whipping up articles for, slogging through my PR and social media clients, squeezing time for yoga and trying to get some rest in between all that, I haven't got much time for anything else. I thought occupying myself would keep my mind off J, and while I am off-my-head busy, I haven't, for a single moment, has forgotten his absence. While I'm usually the first to thank God for technology, it has unfortunately failed on us this time. J's laptop audio output died, and it's a really old computer anyway. Last Friday when we Skyped, at the end of the call, his laptop wonked out so bad that I could see him, but I couldn't hear him - and he could hear me, but he couldn't see me, because my screen froze on his side. It's like I'm hearing-impaired and he's visually-impaired!

In between getting his car out from the East Coast to the West Coast, getting a new apartment and everything else to go in it, a new laptop isn't exactly top of the list right now. And it doesn't help that he doesn't own a smartphone either. Yes, I'm the tech-ier of us two, which amuses me all the time.

Moral of the story? We will blog [multiple times!] for a sponsored laptop. ;o)

All that aside, here are some Instagram lovin' if you don't already follow me on the wonderfully addictive app: