Here are some things I'm thankful for/ obsessed with of late.

* Ginger tea I have a ridiculous obsession with ginger tea of late. I pop ginger into the blender and make it paste-like, and store it in the fridge. When I want ginger tea [which is like every freakin' day!], I mix the paste with hot water, put it through a sieve and then pop a bag of tea in it. Sometimes I'd add soy milk, and sometimes I leave it just as it is. Not only is it super yummy, it also helps my hypochondria with its therapeutic properties!

* Be a rebel with a cause:

* Cuddles & snuggles Now that J finally has time on his hands, we are doing things we've never found time to do together, like working out. We're going for our first yoga class together [and his first class ever!] and I'm excited.

* Lanuun's deliciously colourful bracelets.

* Sofia Grace & Rosie rank as one of the best kid duos that have ever hit television and popular culture. They're adorable together, and their subtle encouraging quips to each other is terribly endearing. If you haven't watched this, here's the latest clip of them and Russell Brand:

* Wanderlusting Henceforth, my trips will revolve around J, so my trip this summer will see me in parts of the US I've never been to, and parts that I'm oh-so-familiar with. I'm looking forward to meeting J's extended family, hanging with my fave peeps in my fave city and stocking up on American drugstore supplies!

* This butt-busting abs workout.

* My last orthopedic appointment! It has been almost five months since I broke my toe. Last week, I tried running for about 15 minutes and it ached after, but at least it's progress! I'm looking forward to doing yoga and sticking to it! Have you checked out Yoga Movement? The rates are awesome, and there's no contractual obligations! I LOVE IT!

* Other honorable mentions  My newish leather Zara bag that fits everything to replace the one that died | stylish workout gear from Target! | PAM Canola Oil Spray! | Long walks with my loverboy! | Having the willpower to walk away from shoes. Me. Shoes! Walked away! | Writing | Writing about things I love | Writing about things I love with the man I love | Knowing exactly what my next pair of shoes are going to be | New photography apps |

What's on your Love List, bunnies?