OMG. I feel completely wrecked. An entire day of sweating, running up and down stairs, keeping my energy sky-high, followed by half a day of tear-down post-event. It's like I've had a child in one day and sent it to boarding school the next. Of course, the days leading up to the birth of this child involved a lot of blood, sweat, nightmares and a lot of yelling. I could never plan events for a living I would die. It was a fabulous party, nevertheless - I am in gratitude of my friends who turned up, my friends who walked the ill-planned catwalked, the wonderful ladies hawking the handbags behind the counter, and of course, my wonderful client, Desti Saint. It's not very often you come across such genuinely nice clients in your life, so you need to learn how to keep them happy, and how to keep them very close. ;o)


Of course, I have to end the post with my favourite photo of the night with my favourite man: