When I travel, there are several things I consider, and one of which, is the availability of good food. Filipino food isn't exactly something that agrees with my palate. I like my Asian food spicy. I don't like salty food, I don't like my savoury food to be sweet, I don't like to be able to taste vinegar in my food, the only fried thing I eat is fried chicken and I'm allergic to soy sauce. Unfortunately, a lot of the above is predominant in Filipino food, or at least it is to my understanding. To my absolute delight and surprise, the seafood in Boracay is even cheaper than it is in Phuket, or Bali. And the seafood is kickass. For seafood sluts like myself & J, D'Talipapa in Boracay is a must go!

Basically, what it is is a sprawling wet market. Wet market with all sorts of seafood that are still in tanks or writhing or slithering around. From fresh red snappers, to lobsters the length of my forearm to octopus bigger than my entire arm, it was basically a mouth-watering fest. You bargain and buy the seafood you want, and go to one of the nearby restaurants to have them cooked. We had a grilled red snapper, squid in spicy sauce, prawns cooked in butter and garlic, and my absolute favourite - fresh oysters that only cost me SGD$3 for a whole dozen.

I'll let the photos do the talkin':