Just fifteen minutes ago, whilst packing two luggages worth of clothes into bags, I decided, that unless I get to work on the set of Mad Men or some badass movie my boyfriend has written, tomorrow will be the last shoot I'll ever do in my life.

I have gone from doing it just because, to liking it, to loving shoots - and now I loathe it. I'm over dealing with having to carry a ton of clothes, I'm done with dealing with gutless people, I'm done with people trying to screw you over.

I started doing it because the first magazine I worked with was a fashion magazine, then, someone decided that I had a knack for it and offered me freelance gigs, then I became fashion editor of a magazine. Then, I did it because I had to pay bills. Now, I don't need styling gigs to pay my bills - I'd rather be doing things I love, namely writing.

It's not all Pradas and Guccis. If you work as a freelance stylist, most of the time, to pay the bills you'll have to take on jobs that involve buying corporate clothes, working with a ridiculous budget to clothe Africa, and let's not even talk about clients who think stylists are plastic surgeons.

A chapter closed. As of Friday, 24 Feb 2012, I'll be a retired stylist. [Maybe unless I get offered a men's suiting shoot... heh].

P.S.: I still do talks, personal shopping clients... and very selected shoots :o)