Love List #23

* Mascara There is no other grooming tool I love more than mascara! I'm currently obsessed with Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara. The packaging is fab, and it does the trick. Celebrity make up guru and hairstylist Andrea Claire blogs about the full low down on mascaras. What works, what doesn't, and all the jargons you need to know!

* Coffee I'm a recent coffee convert. There is nothing quite like a cuppa in the middle of the day. I still am undecided whether I'm more of a coffee drinker or a tea drinker. I do like my piping hot peppermint tea sans sugar in my mum's china while I'm watching my doses of American TV at night.

* Me Time Tomorrow will be the first time since my unemployment [or freelance career, as some people call it] that I would actually have nothing to do. I'm planning to start my day with Pilates, followed by some time on the treadmill and then watch Coraline. I'm going to spend some time taking photos of things I'm going to hawk online.

* Gossip Girl Like a lot of shit TV, Gossip Girl has become a necessary evil to me, no matter how bad the plot has become. Jenny, like Denver had said to me, is becoming skinnier and blonder as the day goes by, Serena is just becoming tits on legs and Blair is just drop dead annoying. Somebody should tell Hilary Duff that she cannot sing, or act and she has a face a lot of people would want to punch in. And she looks like a horse! And what's up with the styling team? They should be strapped to chairs, force-fed carbs and made to watch reruns of Ghost Whisperer. Pffft. All that, and I'm still looking forward to the show.

So, what's on your love list this week?

<3 Loving you, and leaving you as always!