2010 in Twitpics

Ridiculously hot day in early January:

Devouring a red velvet cupcake in Polkadots Cupcake Factory in Austin Texas:

Iris' beagle sitting pretty next to me in her apartment in Harlem, New York:

Snow outside my home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn:

Back in Texas, hangin' with my absofab Zoie Jean:

SXSW Wristband:

Back home and with an iPhone!

Horse at Hotel Re!'s carpark for an event. Random, much:

The Kochs move back to Singapore. Thank God!

My trusty Spanish coffeepot that brews badass coffees:

myspringfling gives me clothes!

Alisa falls prey to Mad Men and gets petticoat-induced orgasms in my room:

Polka-dotted heels from Selfridges:

Painting my room purple:

On set at CHALK shooting Ekta for Simply Her:

Xiao graces Singapore with her presence for two months:

My H&M x Lanvin skirt:

Driving in India:

Finally, Xmas lunch with Heikal:

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